Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Choicest Gifts

I called my girlfriend this morning who is getting married tomorrow. I love her so much. We were talking about all the hustle and bustle and how exciting and wonderful everything is. I found myself thinking about my own love story, about my life. The best thing from the whole conversation, though, was when she said something to this effect: "...that's one of my greatest gifts---the fact that he's my best friend." I want to cry for joy at that. Lately I've been having somewhat of a hard time because I never feel like I have time for that "greatest gift" of mine anymore. I'm grateful for her comment, though, because it made me think of some of my greatest gifts, and the relationships that so richly bless my life. I think it's time to count my blessings because I have so many to count!!!

Other things I am feeling grateful for right now:

The gospel

Being able to be at home with my boys

Food, clothing, and a warm place to sleep

Friends who care ("No man is truly poor who has friends" --- or something to that effect, "It's a Wonderful Life")

Long conversations

Talents and gifts

Literature and the arts

Family, family, family

Christmas trees

The reminder, in and of itself, to count your blessings. There are so many to count!

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