Monday, February 12, 2007

Tagged by Elizabeth (La Vie En Rose)

Elizabeth put me up to the challenge. So, here goes:

6 Unusual Things About Me

1. Apparently my nose wiggles and moves when I talk and laugh (so says my sweets). So...for those of you who know me, I want to know. Is it true? Have you noticed it?

2. Everyone knows (at least I think by now) that I have twin boys. But, do you know that I actually think it'd be FUN to have them again? That I'd actually be EXCITED?!

3. I like funerals. I don't enjoy the aspect of grieving, etc., but there is something so sacred about them. I've only ever been to ONE that was the most awkward, to say TASTELESS thing I've been to in my life. But that was rare. I always feel inspired to live my life better, and love to hear about the lives of those who have passed away. So LOVE the perspective they give me of how short life really is.

4. I am ALWAYS mixing up cliche phrases. You'll hear me say stuff like, "Are you pulling my foot?" Or, case in point, just last night I was telling Scott that if we were to run a marathon together and he wanted to "drop the handle" at the end and just go for it, I wouldn't mind at all. Should have been "drop the hammer." Anyway, I do this ALL the time. Constant source of amusement for Scottish.

5. The first thing I said after crossing the finish line of the Park City Marathon (26.2 miles) was, "I gotta do that again!" (See pics from our race here.)

6. And, last but not least, another source of amusement for my husband: I excuse myself when no one else is around. (ie. I will sneeze or cough or whatever, and even when totally alone, I still will say, "Excuse me," outloud.) I also talk to myself all the time. (Should I admit that?)

I hereby tag Scott, Becca, Christa, Casee, Brian, Leah, and Jessica.

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