Friday, June 22, 2007

Wonder in the World

This is one of my favorite views. I guess I love it for how it speaks to me. When I was out walking yesterday morning with them, I looked down on these two little heads and both of their legs were crossed in a similar fashion, and they seemed so content, so relaxed. We had a conversation with a neighbor who is always out working with his boys, and I commented to him how I thought that was really neat because that will be something that his boys will cherish and always remember. Years later, they'll remember all the time they spent working side by side -- and that will be invaluable. He mentioned that it is also beneficial to him, that it reminds him of what it was like to be their age, to not have any responsibilities, to be a little more carefree.

That is one thing that I have loved about mothering. It brings my life back to the basic and simple every single day. I get the constant reminders, which I need, of the most simple things that are important: being sensitive to others' feelings, apologizing, loving, being kind. I get to sing lullabies and read storybooks. I look forward to when we will read chapter books together before bed, and I will get to reread all of those books I loved. (Not that I have to wait until then to do it, but it will be fun and exciting for me all over again.)

These boys help me remember to stop and enjoy the wonder of a potato bug crawling on the sidewalk, how fascinating a sprinkler is, or the lawnmower going on the lawn. That one always reminds me of how I used to sit on the front (or back) porch as a little girl and watch my dad mow lawns. Something about mowing makes me nostalgic.

Being with these two little guys reminds me of the beauty, simplicity, and wonder in the world. The smallest things witness to the beauty and wonder of the Creator, and I find myself pondering how remarkable it all is. This little thought that I picked up years ago kind of expresses the sentiment.

how to be an artist

stay loose. learn to watch snails. plant impossible gardens. invite someone dangerous to tea. make little signs that say YES! and post them all over your house. make friends with freedom and uncertainty. look forward to dreams. cry during movies. swing as high as you can on a swingset, by moonlight. cultivate moods. refuse to "be responsible." do it for love. take lots of naps. give money away. do it now. the money will follow. believe in magic. laugh a lot. celebrate every gorgeous moment. take moonbaths. have wild imaginings, transformative dreams, and perfect calm. draw on the walls. read every day. imagine yourself magic. giggle with children. listen to old people. open up. dive in. be free. bless yourself. drive away fear. play with everything. entertain your inner child. you are innocent. build a fort with blankets. get wet. hug trees. write love letters.

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This was my 75th! post. I'm looking forward to many more.

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