Friday, November 02, 2007

October in Visual Review

A child looking at ruins grows younger
but cold
and wants to wake to a new name
I have been younger in October
than in all the months of spring
walnut and may leaves the color
of shoulders at the end of summer
a month that has been to the mountain
and become light there
the long grass lies pointing uphill
even in death for a reason
that none of us knows
and the wren laughs in the early shade now
come again shining glance in your good time
naked air late morning
my love is for lightness
of touch foot feather
the day is yet one more yellow leaf
and without turning I kiss the light
by an old well on the last of the month
gathering wild rose hips
in the sun

- W. S. Merwin, The Love of October

Benj's first haircut (before and after)

Walks around town -- noticing the trees

Up the canyon

Taking engagement photos for my sister Christa who is getting married next month
(This is one of the cheap ones with my digital camera. We took about 100 with a really nice one.)

Blissful boys... (gotta love it while it lasts)

Cute little niece Anna with Scott

My whole world



Me and the boys
Time with family...

The babes with their aunties Alli and Dara (also babes)

Alli, Dara and Me (sisters-in-law)

My nephew Zac's soccer game

Nate holding Isaiah, Ben holding Ben, and Tyler

Zac and Isaiah

Me with the two Bens


I love this picture of Isaiah with his dada
And, bringing up the very end of the new haircut (and color -- something I've never done before!!):

What did you do in October?

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