Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sweet Blessings

My little sister is getting married. We were inseparable growing up and did everything together. We have that kind of relationship where we don't even really have to speak and we can understand each other. It has been so fun for me the past month as I've been able to be part of some fun things for her -- doctor visits, throwing a bridal shower for her, addressing wedding invitations, being with her when she got her bridals done and doing up her dress. I have loved this special time and the opportunity to celebrate this important step in her life. She is an incredibly special person to me and I love her.
Here are a few pics from the bridal shower. These things were part of a romantic table idea for decoration. Candles, sparking cider, chocolate, red rose, romantic cd, china for the occasion, etc. She got to take all of this stuff home with her in addition to her gifts. Thank you, everyone for coming and supporting her and Garrett. I know she really appreciated it.

The picture garlands I made for the doorways of their pictures.
Moist, yummy treats, yummy punch, nuts, muffins, pirouettes. Thanks to my nieghbor and aunt for contributing and helping to put this all together. It is lovely to have such wonderful people in your life.

We spent time with both sides of the family this week and had a lot of fun. I'd like to think that I try to be grateful, year round, for my blessings -- as opposed to being kind of a slouch about it throughout the year and then making a really concerted effort at this time of year. But, in light of it being Thanksgiving, I thought I'd make a public gratitude list. Things I'm grateful for right now. Here's what's coming to mind right now.

1. Being a wife and having someone to love, being loved
2. Becoming a mother. These boys are my greatest joy.
3. Wonderful sisters who are my best friends.
4. Beautiful fall days.
5. My jogger stroller. Salvation.
6. Good nieghbors.
7. Food to eat.
8. A warm home.
9. The gospel of Jesus Christ (that's right up there with #s 1 and 2).
10. Beautiful music
11. Memories
12. Good parents
13. Getting to know extended family better
14. Blogdom
15. Having the chance to share something with conviction and realizing how precious it is to me
16. Celebrating together
17. Getting to be at home with my babies
18. Cell phones -- I should just say technology in general.
19. Washers and dryers
20. Good books
21. Socks
22. Running shoes and exercise
23. People to work out with
24. And if not, my iPod shuffle is a LOVELY contraption.
25. A neighbor who treats my boys like they are her own grandchildren
26. Long walks
27. Naps
28. Watching my children grow and getting to be a part of each moment
29. Notes of appreciation (both received and given)
30. Inspiring examples
31. A clean house
32. Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas smells, Christmas music. Love it all.
33. Good recipes.
34. Freedom
35. Health
36. Good laughs.
37. Friends. Life is so much better with them.
38. Journals.
39. Being able to read.
40. Having all of my senses.
41. Water
42. Seasons
43. A public track/workout building
44. Photographs
45. Color

And, I just wanted to share these photos from this past week. Made me laugh and I had to grab the camera.

In the middle of church today, when I had this one with me, I was feeling conscious of his audible babble and wishing a bit that he would quiet down. And then, almost instantly, the thought came to me that that little voice (along with his brother's) are the most beautiful sounds in my life. I was grateful for that sweet reminder. Life is so much the better for having them.

I hope all of you had a lovely holiday.

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