Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fighting for a Cause

So, we watched this movie on Saturday night. I really liked it -- for multiple reasons.

Encouraging freedom. All men (and women) being created equal. Bridging understanding while closing the door on ignorance. Compassion and human frailty and greed vs. integrity. Soul, spirit, passion. Passion to change something, to lift one's voice, to make a difference -- to change the world.

The thing is, as I was watching it (and during the ensuing discussion afterward), I couldn't shake the question that kept coming to the forefront of my mind:

What cause am I fighting for?

In regard to all of the swirling issues that we face today, I kind of felt like I wasn't contributing in that sense (inside voice saying: "What difference am I making?"). My voice isn't heard on those issues (and, frankly, I don't make it a point to voice my opinions on many of them). But it's more than that: I am not in a political or public circle, working on that kind of a scale to do something. So I started to wonder...what am I fighting for? What do I see in the world that worries me, what do I feel passionate about? And, in the end, I came up with these three things. (And, incidentally, I think they are connected to many (if not most) of the other problems we have.)

I feel passionately about, and wish to raise my voice regarding the sanctity of womanhood.

I rejoice in the joy, crowning role and importance of motherhood in a culture where it seems most view mothering as a "secondary" position to your "real" job.

And lastly, I believe in the central importance of the family, under attack from all different forces.

Yes, these are causes I am fighting for.
(I might just have to do a follow-up post on each of them. Stay tuned.)

But in the meantime, I am curious to know:

What are you fighting for? And why?

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