Monday, December 01, 2008

Intangible Gifts

In the past month or so, I have felt an extra umph of gratitude for Scott.

He must be feeling the love, too, because I received an unexpected gift of gratitude from him this past Friday. It took me completely by surprise, and made me feel loved and appreciated. Those unexpected gifts are best.

And perhaps what is so lovely about it is that it was something intangible, an expression of feelings and emotion that link you to each other.

I think those intangible gifts are best.

I've felt like I've been experiencing them more lately.

Christmas carols that evoke testimony and conviction, as well as fond feelings from past memories.

Being surrounded by family that I love.

Looking through photos of our little family and reflecting on how blessed and happy I am that I get to be home with my boys. I haven't missed a day of their lives and this, to me, has been a wonderful gift. I know that not everyone is able to have that luxury and so I appreciate the opportunity.

Having a husband who is a wonderful dad to our boys. It warms my heart beyond words I can express.
Also having a husband who lets me talk and talk. There was a week a couple weeks back where we had like three nights in a row, lying in bed, talking for a couple of hours straight. I so love having somebody who is interesting to talk to, fun to spend time with, and who is such a good support when I need it. I really appreciate him.

Being able to carry a baby, and feeling the wonder of movement and life within me.

The beauty of birds in flight. As I've been running the past few weeks, I have been so struck by the beauty that surrounds me. There is something about birds in flight or watching planes high in the sky, shooting a white streak into the endless blue, and feeling like life is magical, without limits, and endless. It boosts my spirit.

Laughter that has come from the funny things that the boys are constantly saying because they talk so much now.

Unprompted expressions of love and affection.

Friends who have blessed me by coming along to appointments with my children where they had xrays (so they could hold the boys since I can't right now), and another who did my hair.

Sisters. Oh, how I love them!
The help we are being given from our parents as Scott finishes school. They will never know how much we appreciate this. I hope I can pass on the favor one day.

I know we are all in different places and circumstances in our lives. The fabulous thing is that intangible gifts are available to everyone, regardless of status, position or wealth. I'm lovin' that.

I hope you're finding lots of them, too.

For whatever reason, I have felt these gifts abounding more lately. And I am sure that it is not because they are more prevalent, but because I've been kind of blind and shut off to them, and suddenly feel awakened and grateful.

And since you've asked for the fabulous pregnant pictures, I actually took some with the intent of posting them. I actually needed to take some because I haven't taken any pregnant pictures since the time I actually started really showing. These pictures were taken just two days ago on Saturday.

37 weeks baby!
I'm sure ready for her to come out.

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