Friday, November 20, 2009

A Dragon's Train of Thought

Scott came out of the boys' room tonight to tell me about his conversation with Benji as he was leaving their room after the bedtime routine.

Where you goin', Daddy?
I'm going upstairs.
To talk with mommy?
Yes, to talk with mommy.
Don't talk to Mommy.
She's not very nice.
No, Mommy's really nice. She's very nice.
No, she's not nice. (Insert: smirking.)
No, Mommy's nice and she's beautiful and wonderful.
(Insert: smirk.)
No, Mommy's a dragon. (Insert: chuckling.)

Seriously? A dragon? Of all things?

We laughed.

Last night I was upstairs after all the kids were in bed. I was sweeping the kitchen floor.

I sweep the kitchen floor a lot.

And I thought, "In my perfect world, my kitchen would always stay clean. It would stay clean!!!!" Etc. etc. etc.

And just then, I stopped myself. I thought, Wow. I'm worried about my kitchen. That's what I'd really want if I could have things figured out??

I started thinking. What would I want in my perfect world. It gave me things to focus on.

this could be a mighty long list, but here are a few...

in my perfect world, my pride would never come first.
i would apologize sooner.
perspective, perspective, perspective.
i would always seize the moment, the opportunity.
expressing love would be paramount.
i would listen more. try to understand first.
be forgiving, gentle, and unfailingly kind.
i would take more time, every day, to listen for God's voice. He is everywhere.
the people i love most would always know it and i would constantly reaffirm that with my actions.

the encouraging thing for me is that i can work to create that world.

right now.
in my prayers.
in the quiet.
in the bustle.
in my work.
in my thoughts.
with my hands.
in my words.

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