Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Outside my Window

(I know, the power lines are lovely, too.)
One of my delights is the big window just a few feet from my bed facing the mountains. The mountain is only a couple of miles out the door and it looms there every day.

I love it so much.

This morning when I came upstairs with Mia to nurse, I opened my curtains and climbed back in bed. As she was nursing, I watched the sun hit the top of these peaks -- the first tinges of yellow at those highest points. And I looked at the pale blue sky, laced with clouds.
And then, I immediately thought of how much I love watching this in the morning. And I thought of summer mornings and how much I love them. The way the sky is a deep, deep blue and how I can wake to 60 degree weather with 80-90 degree weather by afternoon. I imagined lying in bed on those mornings and seeing the sun on the mountains and being able to walk outside on the deck for breakfast and listening to the birds.

And I thought of the scriptural phrase of looking forward with an eye of faith, and how I can see that in my mountain-morning-watch. Just last week reading in Hebrews I was thinking about the way faith is described as an assurance of things not seen -- and I was kind of wrestling the irony in that, trying to figure it out in my brain.

This morning, I understood it.

Those mornings aren't here yet, but I know they will be. And when they are here, it will be like beholding what I had already envisioned with the eye of faith, knowing full well that it would come.

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