Monday, June 28, 2010

Questions of the Day

This morning we kind of lazed around. I made the kids scrambled eggs and toast and drank a green smoothie. Isaiah had gotten himself dressed already (typical), Benj was in his underwear and nothing else (also typical), and Mimi was naked. (She loves to be naked. It's so cute.) The kids were eating popsicles and we were walking around the garden. It was so fun. I had Meems on my hip and her popsicle was getting all over my shirt. I was showing the boys the baby yellow squash and the zucchini. Then we walked all through the garden and I told them everything that was planted in it. After we'd gone through the whole garden, Isaiah said to me, "Mom, do we have ice cream plants in our garden?"

It was so cute. I told him that we didn't.

Then, when I was running in the middle of the day, in the 88 degree sun, I was thinking about that question. If it were possible and I had to choose five kinds of ice cream to grow, how would I possibly choose among so much goodness?? I settled on chocolate (Scott loves), vanilla (a basic and can have anything mixed into it), and then thought about chocolate chip cookie dough and mint chocolate chip and rocky road and peppermint and banana (have you tried coldstone's...YUM) and moose tracks and butter pecan and cookies and cream. You see what I mean and the dilemma I am in. Maybe I could have magic dust and switch flavors every week so I could have them all.

And then, could I have another mix of magic that could make caramel and chocolate and nuts and peanut butter cups and all the lovely kinds of fruit to mix in (bananas and berries and peaches and such) that would always be fresh with perfect flavor??

(You see what's happened as I've mused on this.)

So, my first fun question to you today is...what would your flavors be?

And nonsense question #2 that I've thought about for a while now is this:

If you had enough money that you could afford to just spend some each day on absolutely nothing super important, what would you spend yours on?

My answer: I would pay for someone to do my hair every day.

I love it when my hair is actually DONE, and for those of you who know me well, you know this is hardly ever. I mean done, done. I don't have the patience or the time (because I have so much else I'd rather be doing than standing in front of a mirror) or, more importantly, that talent. I would love to have gorgeous hair every day.

What would you spend money on?

Hope you have a swell week. And no, I didn't edit this so I quite possibly have a wide array of typos. I, however, am off to the pool. xoxoxo

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