Monday, September 26, 2011

A Summary, and a Beginning

The Summary
Over the weekend, there was:
Yard cleanup, clipping back perennials for fall
Homemade peach pie, applesauce,

...and Relief Society Conference. I wanna share a couple snippets from Pres. Uchtdorf's talk, which was my favorite. Today I'll share this:

"Let us not walk the path of discipleship with our eyes on the ground, thinking only of the tasks and obligations before us.
Let us not walk unaware of the beauty of the glorious earthly and spiritual landscapes that surround us.

My dear sisters, seek out the majesty, the beauty, and the exhilarating joy of the “why” of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The “what” and “how” of obedience marks the way, yes, and it keeps us on the right path. But the “why” of obedience sanctifies our actions, transforming the mundane into the majestic. It magnifies our small acts of obedience into holy acts of consecration."
--President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

The part about earthly and spiritual landscapes is speaking to me, whispering that in all that is ordinary, mundane, regular, what I can't change, or required in my life -- there is something divine and spiritual in it, too. And I'm missing it if all I see is the former list.

I'm going to try to look at my earthly normalcy thru a lens of spiritual landscapes, praying for perspective shifts and assistance to embrace what I can't change, or what I may wish different. Praying for a greater vision beyond my own, and energy to love, celebrate and nurture these things with brighter hope, purpose, vitality and understanding.

I'm going to think about why knowing why makes all the difference.

And the Beginning.

It's Monday morning, and the week begins again.

Our list for today includes:
  • School. More working on letters, numbers and writing.
  • Reading. The boys and I are in a new chapter book, and Mia can choose some picture books for all of us to enjoy together.
  • Case lot shopping. I struggle with what to buy every time the case lot comes around. I buy stuff to put away for storage, but it is mostly just that: long-term storage, in case we need it for some disaster or otherwise. We hardly ever eat stuff from a can, so you see my dilemma (spending money for something we don't really use). But I'm gonna buy a few things and stock up my shelves anyway. I feel like I am preparing and ensuring safety for my family if need be.
  • Lunch and naps
  • Family Home Evening prep. It' s my turn to teach tonight, and we're going to carry on with the prophets theme in preparation for this weekend. I'll blog more on this later, but I'm really excited.
  • Dinner prep. I think it's gonna be BBQ chicken and salad and fresh cantaloupe from the garden.
  • Cooking more apples, somewhere in between all of this, if I can get to it. Otherwise, tomorrow.
Happy Monday to you.

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