Friday, October 28, 2011

Dancing to Some Tunes

Yesterday we read stories and got great reports from the boys' teacher.
But the fun began after we had lunch and I started pulling stuff out of the fridge to wipe everything down, organize, and put away again.
Isaiah and Mia had gone outside, but this little man said to me, "Mom, I could help you with that." He washed his hands and went to work, emptying stuff out for me and wiping out the bottom shelf. Then he proceeded to keep wiping other things down.
It made my day. Just hanging out --- me and my little man.

We turned on some Halloween/party tunes cd, turned it up, and started boogying.
It was so fun. After Benj went outside, I was boogying alone in the kitchen and it felt so good. Mimi came in with Isaiah and she starting dancing too. We got our groove on and laughed while movin' to Ghostbusters and Hot, Hot, Hot. Mia was dancing too. Isaiah was highly amused with us.
(I would have posted a different pic here, where I was really rockin it and Isaiah was laughing at my derriere, but my shirt slid up and my, ahem, underwear could be seen.)

This weekend we have pumpkin carving and a Halloween party at Nana's house with all the cousins. Nan gets all decked out in a costume and the older cousins make a creepy exhibit featuring eyeballs and guts and brains and, ya know, whatever soft stuff they can feature from the fridge or elsewhere to make something that will feel disgusting. All the kids dress up and we eat. The kids get grab bags of treats from Nan. It's super fun.

Coming Next Week:
A free giveaway announced on Tuesday.
Um...I just may or may not be showing you a sneakie sneakie of some of my fave family photos we just got back from our photo shoot a couple weeks ago.
And, just maybe, a Halloween recap of our family parties, costumes, and more.
Hope you have a great festive weekend!

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