Friday, December 02, 2011

It's All About Jesus

Yesterday morning we were across the street delivering a Christmas card to an older couple we love.
I was in the kitchen talking with Deon, and Mia had walked into the front room to look at the purple balls on their Christmas tree with Ralph.
He came back in and was chuckling as he told us what Mia had said during their exchange.
They must have been looking at the baby Jesus in the manger scene, because Mia told Ralph,
"There was a real baby Jesus, actually."

Tonight as I was tucking her into bed, she was asking me questions about Jesus.
Where is He?
Was he resurrected?
We discussed who Mary was, and then she told me that Joseph was Jesus' dad.

It was December 1st. 
I got to start something with the children that I've been anticipating for a couple weeks.
After dinner, we cleaned up.
I had them grab their blankies and pillows again.
 Each picked a spot.
We turned out the lights (except for the twinkles of the tree and mantle).
I gave them each a piece from a candy cane.
We lit the pyramid and watched the design it made on the ceiling.
And I read them the first chapter of Charles Dickens' The Life of Our Lord.
Dickens wrote this book to his children, telling them all about the Savior and incidents that happened in his life.
The room was quiet while I read.
Benji asked for more after we finished.
I told them that we'd read a little bit every night, before bed.  We'll light the pyramid while we read and snuggle up and listen.
One more way for us to think again about what this is all about.
Because, as Isaiah informed me while we were driving home looking at Christmas lights tonight, "Christmas is really all about Jesus, Mom."

We'll read more tonight.
I think this might be a new tradition for every December until the children are older.

I'm so excited.

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