Thursday, January 26, 2012

Being a Father

The other night I was at the computer when the little gal woke up. 
I was trying to finish a couple of posts and so I took her upstairs to her dad.
This is just another reason that I love him.
He was all snug in bed reading his book, one of a string of biographical stuff he's been reading lately.
We walked into the room.
Looking over and seeing her with me, his face broke into a big smile.
Bookmark went in the book.
Book went back on his night stand.
I said I wanted her to snuggle with him for a few minutes while I finished something.
(We kind of have this deal: he gets up with the  boys and I get up with her.  But it's not really a firm deal...we help each other, too.)
He pulled back his covers and made a spot for her.
I left the room, watching them both turn on their sides facing each other, smiling and giggling.

When I came up about 30 minutes later, I found them like this.
All was peaceful and quiet, and my heart felt warm inside.
This is no small thing.
I think fathers are of utmost importance, and their role cannot be undervalued.
Good fathers are so needed in today's world -- men who will truly be MEN and show their children the importance of integrity, honesty, love, service, hard work, compassion, and how to honor, love, and respect women.
I love this guy.
He is a fantastic father -- and I've said it before, but he literally lights up when he sees our kids.  He is committed to, and takes time for, them.  He takes them exploring and adventuring, lets them work with him, goofs, wrestles and is silly with them, reads them bedtime stories and sings them songs.  
This weekend he is starting guitar lessons.  The other night, while cleaning up dinner, we were listening to Keb Mo's Lullaby Baby Blue and he repeated the track after we'd listened to it.  I said something like, "Hey, once you learn your basics, you'll be able to sing this to them at night."  And he said something like, "That's what I intend to do."  He teaches them respect and self confidence and is sensitive to their needs.
I'm grateful my children have this.

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