Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday morning I woke up and saw fog sitting low on the mountains.
I had a list to do and knew I needed to get out and run before it got nasty.
Turns out, in the time it took me to start getting dressed, the rain began.
I kind of ughed inside, but went anyway.
So glad I did.
Ran up the hoofer hill right by house and kept going for 40 minutes.
I was soaking wet.
But every time I work out after or in a beautiful snowstorm, or with rain falling all around (and on!) me, there is a great quiet inside.
Something about being in the element creates something still inside me.
I forget how much I love this until I do it again.
I pushed hard and came home.
It felt so good, and I was so glad I hadn't let the cold keep me inside.
Took this dorky picture of myself to try and show you guys how soaked I was. (I was trying to get my wet legs, not my face and upper body---clearly this didn't work.  And my hand below almost looks like a black spider...what's up with that?)
This one is a bit better.
Notice how much lighter my spandex is towards my feet??

We bought a couch over the weekend.
We've wanted leather, something with classic lines, chocolate brown, simple.
Found it.
Love it.
We ate some yummy food.
Had a date night (I love being with him!).
Took the kids to their first official concert of baroque chamber music and then out to ice cream.
They did so awesome, and we're already trying to figure out what our next cultural outing will be with them.
Sunday was spent at church and in time together.
After dinner we read for an hour out of Where the Red Fern Grows.
We were gonna make cookie dough and bake some warm gooieness, but didn't get there yet.
That sounds like something yummy for my to-do list sometime this week.
Yes, please!
I love this time.

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