Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Evening

(my nephew, Soren)

 Yesterday around dinner time, I was at my sister's house.  It was cold and windy out, but there was a warm glow within.  We had gathered together as a large family for my nephew's ordination to the Aaronic priesthood.  (Read more about the priesthood in general here.)
While waiting for the bishop to arrive, we sang hymns.  I love singing with that group...they are a bunch of rich singers,and I feel the conviction from their very hearts.
As we began with In Humility, Our Savior, and finished with Redeemer of Israel (two of my favorite hymns), my emotions were very tender.  I felt the spirit so strongly, and felt as though I was witnessing a moment of truth and love and togetherness because of our faith.

I watched the men in our family gather round and ordain Soren to the office of a deacon.  I couldn't help but feel such gratitude and love for what was happening, and a deep spirit of thanksgiving for the worthy men in my life who I can turn to.  I salute them for their goodness and for the strength of their faith.  I feel protected and safe in their care.  I have felt so blessed by the priesthood throughout my life and been strengthened by God's power, by feeling of His awareness and care.
I couldn't help but be reminded of this talk, which has remained one of my favorites over the past few years.  When you have some time, click on over for a few minutes of inspirational reading and study.  As a friend of mine said after it was given, "This talk just felt like a big hug to all of Heavenly Father's daughters."  
We are not LESS because we do not hold the responsibilities of the priesthood.  Our calling is no less important, is equal in every way, is both ennobling and stunning, and is a complement and counterpart to the priesthood.  I know this.
Elder Scott talks with the men of the church about honoring the priesthood, and then places special emphasis on using it to bless Heavenly Father's daughters.  He reflects on woman as being the supreme creation of God.

Even thinking about it now, I want Soren to know how much the priesthood has blessed my life, how excited I am for it to guide his growth, teach him about service, and aid him in blessing others.  The priesthood is here to BLESS.  This is another thing I am so sure of.
I'm so proud of him.
I'm grateful for the goodness I see (and feel) in him.

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