Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making a Village

A couple of weeks back I was drawing castles for our kids and some other homeschool friends.
They were adding all the details: moats, drawbridges, windows, streamers, knights, princesses, guards, etc.
I loved witnessing their imaginations.

Later, with my kids, we bought butcher paper, each of them choosing their own color.

On Monday, we taped up the paper on their walls and they went to town.
 Adding a croc in his moat
Cutting out a princess
 Benji's village, a while later
 Lots of fierce animals, and a car, with all of us in it (love it -- on the right)
Isaiah's: dragons and rainbows and peasant houses, a princess and croc in moat, too
And Mimi's castle: a princess in the castle, some peasant houses and a rainbow in the sky
(Scratch-n-sniff stickers down towards the bottom -- I love those!)

Creativity is a lovely thing.

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