Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A couple weeks back, we read this book.
I loved it.

It's about a little girl sorting beads with her grandmother, and their discussion as they do it.
Different shapes, colors, sizes.
Animal, vegetable, and mineral beads.
How beads have existed for ages.
How they were used in trade by merchants.
The way beads were used by Native Americans.
Rosary beads.
The way Ancient Egyptians used beads.

It was charming and educational.

While reading it I thought we should make beads of our own.
So, the next day, we mixed salt dough and went to work shaping our own beads.
We baked them in the oven on an old cookie sheet, perfect for a project such as this.
The next day, in the sunshine, they painted their beads.
We let them dry -- and they were ready to string.

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