Monday, May 14, 2012

Thinking About My Mother

(My mom with all of her children -- five lucky girls.)

Yesterday was Mothers Day.
I was sick and spent most of the afternoon in bed.

But I was greeted in the morning by cards from each of the children and Mr. C.
He thanked me for the complete investment I make and the work that I do.
But the thing I've thought about ever since I read his card was this phrase:

"Your version of motherhood is what we celebrate today.  The way that you do it and the way that you make our family feel." (emphasis added)

I guess I appreciated the stamp of approval on the way that I choose to do it, because each of us mothers so differently.  And, often, I think every one I know doesn't always measure up to the mother they wish they were. 

I found myself thinking about my mother yesterday, about the things I feel I specifically learned from her example.

To do my best.

To be honest -- in my decisions, in how I feel, in my interactions with others.  Don't cut corners.

When you clean, do it right.  (I remember her Saturday morning checking off the chores.)

Be fair.

To be courageous and true to yourself.

To not be afraid of other people or other ideas, but rather, to see the beauty in them.

Be frugal.  Evaluate needs and wants, and don't spend money recklessly.

Books are a lovely, magical, wonderful, warm place.  An escape.  Old friends.  Ideas and knowledge and improving yourself are worthwhile.

She gave us lots of room to be children and be imaginative.  When I sometimes start to feel guilty that I maybe should have been more involved with my children on any one day, I remember this about my mother.  

She's a good listening ear.

She'll cry with you when you're sad.

She celebrates the triumphs.

My mother is a classy woman,  but without pretense and certainly not showy.  I love these things about her so much.  The older I get, the more I appreciate her, and the more I see myself in her.  I love the generation of mothers that I've come from -- the legacy of mothering from other hands and other times and other homes.

All I know is that motherhood has been the great privilege of my life, and I feel profoundly grateful for my own mother, and other women who have been exemplars and role models for me.

Truly, it's a wonderful work.

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