Thursday, June 14, 2012


Maybe it's only really cool because I'm their mom,
but I love these photographs documenting what they're learning in little snippets.
Someday I'll remember these mornings, and the way our home feels like a learning hub.
I feel like one of my biggest jobs as a mother is to awaken and encourage curiosity.
When I think of someone who exemplified lifelong learning, I think of my Grandma.
She had a zest for life.  
We exchanged favorite books.  
She was involved in the Symphony Guild and bridge clubs, water aerobics, and an active member in her church community.
She was cultured and energized and very much alive in life.
I think that is one reason she lived to be 93 and no one ever thought she was as old as she was.
If I could live a life she'd be proud of, that would be enough for me.

I figure if the children learn what it is to have a curious mind, life will never be dull.
And I get excited when I think about all there is to know, to study, to learn.
I'll never be able to read and learn everything that I want to, but it excites me that so much is available.
Mia, busy writing Bs...
and then a whole bunch of other things.
Isaiah's journal page from yesterday.  He really does love roses. 
He wrote about it and then cut out pictures of roses and glued them on.
Benji doing his morning reading.

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