Sunday, August 05, 2012

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime?

I'm typically not a theme blogger -- meaning that I don't stay with something (the same something) for days.
But this week I'm breaking the rules and am gonna post about why I'm loving summer.
First up: The evenings and the children
One night in July at the dinner table, we watched in amazement out the front window as lots and lots of dragonflies gracefully arced around in the evening sunlight.
It was beautiful.

Afterward, I watched them out there, with their nets, intent on catching one.
Just watching their eyes and focus was so endearing.
 (and notice the red geranium in the foreground...I have to have them every year)
A couple weeks later we'd had Papa down for dinner.
After dinner I'd planned to put the kids to bed right away.
As it turned out, I didn't call them in til it was dark and the patio lights were glowing bright.
Because of this.
While I had been talking with my dad before he left, they'd made for the backyard.
Started to play together, and were busy constructing "their kitchen" when I came to see what was happening.
There they were: pajama clad, lugging wood across the yard to make their stove (fire), and then their cutting boards.
I had to go inside and grab my camera because it was so awesome.
 (Using one of the garden tools as a knife to chop up their food (ie. clumps of dirt))
(Soup on their campfire)

And one other thing.
I just have to say that evening bikerides with my boys, just me and them, is like one lovely hug.
A hug that makes me both wistful and grateful.
I watch their little legs pedaling, knowing that moments like these are fleeting.
I think of that line in "Puff the Magic Dragon" where it says, "A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys."
And hearing Benji say to me, "Mom, this is so much fun, just us and you.  Can we do this again?"
I felt just as addicted as they did.
And then I got to go home and take the little Miss around the block on her two-wheeler and tell her how proud I am she can do it without training wheels.
I love my kids.

And on the second evening, coming home, the little Miss and I called everyone out on the deck to see the beautiful rainbow in the sky.

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