Thursday, August 16, 2012

They're Ripe!

And my current love?
Oh. my. goodness.
They're ripe!
They're red and gold!
They're juicy and warm and delicious.
They are so beautiful and taste even better.
And hidden underneath a carpet of leaves snuggled up to the corn stalks?
They're blooming.
I am looking forward to September evenings with cantaloupe for dinner, or cantaloupe on the deck in the coming darkness.  Cut in half, seeds scooped out, filled with cold ice cream.

Yes, yes, yes.
I've waited patiently the last 8 weeks for these beauties to glow.
And now we're eating them in salads.
Sauteing them.
Slicing them fresh, sprinkling with salt and pepper and fresh cucumbers right off the vine,and gobbling them up.
This is what summer's all about.

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