Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 Already?

Tonight, while getting the kids in bed, I was reminded that life's greatest blessings aren't monetary.
That they, in fact, have nothing to do with money.  

The sweetest joys in my life come from loving people.  
And being loved.

Like this.  

This little gal turned 5 this week.
I could maybe cry about it.
I can remember the night before she was born, talking on the phone to my sister, in my fuzzy blue bathrobe.  
I can remember waking at 3:30 in the morning to contraction pain, and knowing, after a time, that they weren't going to stop.
I can remember the way that Mr. C. and I walked around the track at the local university, while he held my hand and timed contractions.
I remember the intense pain that accompanied bringing her into this world.
But in that pain, such incredible beauty and worth.

 I remember being so touched when Mr. C. said that he didn't even see her being born, because he was so focused on me and how I was feeling.  He had never seen me experience pain like that.
The intensity and beauty and pain and joy were wrapped up in a sweet, gorgeous, beautiful spirit that came to our family.  

We have been celebrating this week.  

I count these last five years so much the richer because of her.  I thank my Heavenly Father for sending her to us.  

I love her.
More than I could ever say or express.

And sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that we have been blessed with 4 beautiful children.
The greatest gifts that God has blessed us with.
Far better than money.
Far better than prestige or prominence or gain or any other glitzy thing.

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