Monday, January 27, 2014

Being Reminded

Yesterday, my gals and I were busy for an hour when Mr. C. and the boys drove down to see family and pick up some tools.
When the boys left, my gal said, "Mom, it's just the girls."
(She loves the girl time we get.  And so do I.)
We watched this video together on my bed.
And then, we went upstairs and made dinner together.
She stood at the stove, stirring both pans, wanting to make sure SHE got to do it.
I live in a world of little helpers these days.
Surrounded by them, actually.
And the question that came out of my mouth to her as we stood there was this:

"Mia, do you know what I didn't realize when I was small?"

"What?" she said.

"How fast I would grow up."

Maybe it's because life has been excessively emotional the past several months.
Maybe it's because there have been life-altering experiences.
Maybe I've been reminded that life changes on a dime, and sometimes when you very least expect it.
But it's true.

Time is speeding ahead, and I can hardly believe I am where I am.
And even as I say that, the future is unfurling before my eyes.

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