Thursday, May 01, 2014

Tulips in the Sun

Why hello there, lovely!!
These days, I look out my front window and admire these beauties.
I can remember planting them and what I wrote about that here.
And I can feel swelling gratitude in my heart because I know, 
now more than ever,
that God is indeed awake.

Springtime reminds me of that.
If nothing else, life is renewed again and again.
Life goes on.
We can start over and over, and what was dead can be beautiful and vibrant again.  Not only will the grave give up her dead, 
but what is dead in my life, 
my habits, 
my thoughts, 
my hurtful actions, 
my mistakes...
all these can be changed and put to rest and beautiful things can come in their place with change and growth.
It's a miracle.

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