Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Morning & A Pirate Name

Because we have graduated to chapter books, I find that I don't read as many picture books as I used to when the boys were the babies.  

(Mental note to self: Carve out time for that every day.  
With Claire.  
With all of them.  
ALL of us love picture books.)

My house was quiet and clean this morning.  
The older 3 are gone, so it was just me and Little Miss.

I went and grabbed this book that calls me back to earlier years, one I remember my mother reading to me as a small person.  
 It was so lovely.
Claire has graduated to the stage where she will sit and look at the pictures, point, talk about them, smile and stare.

And I just watched her, and loved us there together, alone, enjoying a book.

Some loves don't need much explaining.
Made me feel like my whole world is right and good.
A place of peace.
A place of warmth.
A place where at least one thing is right.

Couldn't not feel happy.
Then we went out for a walk -- to the bank, and to a friend's house, where we sat and talked for quite a while.

The wind was breezy,
the sun was out,
color is creeping into the city,

and this girl is a sweet companion.

And unrelated, but I lucked out and got 2 (!!) boxes of seconds today at the orchard...apples AND peaches.

And if you're interested, it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day.
Go to, take the quiz, and you'll get your pirate name.

Like I did.
Which is why today is the day I became

Dirty Prudentilla Cash.

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