Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Scarf Wreath

My goal for my Christmas mantle 
this year was simple.
Not flashy.
Not a lot of stuff.
Toned down.
(Actually, it was my goal for my fall mantle, too.)

So I fell in love with this wreath that I saw in this month's Better Homes & Gardens magazine.
Super, super easy to make.
Literally took maybe 10 minutes, and only because I rewrapped the scarf a couple of times to get it how I wanted it.

You could make it with any color scarf, and add any embellishments.

Just buy a straw wreath form, grab a scarf, some pins, and some ribbon to hang it with and you're good to go.

Wrap the scarf around the wreath form, pinning it as you go to hold it in place.

Once you get all the way around, you'll have something like this.
(with a flourish of ribbon, of course)
 Last night, as I was decorating the mantle, it looked like this.
 And this morning, in better light.
So easy, and it fit my goal perfectly.

Toned down, simple, calming.

(Tomorrow I'm going to post a last fall treat to make with kids (or without!) that I think is genius, and post a favorite recipe that could be included in your Thanksgiving feast.)
Happy Thanksgiving week!

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