Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunday Evening Stroll

Sunday afternoon the sunshine was intoxicating.
It's like late April in February right now.
The weather has been so odd.
But. I couldn't help but be cheered by the sun when we got home from church.
This man and I peeled potatoes and chopped them, 
put them in the pot on the stove to boil.
I made brownies and mint frosting.

We headed to dinner at some friends' house.
We got home in enough time to to stroll once around our neighborhood,
arriving home just as it was getting dark and there was a nip of chill in the air.
As we made our way up and down our streets, past familiar houses,
the older kids were scootering and Claire was in the stroller.
I watched my boys cruising ahead, playing together, ditching the scooters,
jumping back on, this dude sporting a pirate patch and dangly necklace
hanging down the back of his head.
(So awesome.)
Made me wistful and happy.
Oh! to be 8 again.

When I'm smart enough to slow down and try to observe through their lens --- even briefly --- I see much more tender hearts than I stop to think about most of the time, imagination, joy, quick forgiveness, hope and courage, 
reservoirs of feeling, faith, simple amusement.
Yes, to be 8 again.

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