Saturday, June 06, 2015

Some Days Are Like That

Remember that line at the very end of Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?
Alexander finishes the book by saying: "My mom says some days are like that.  Even in Australia."

Ringing a bell?


Let me tell you about last night.

It was late. I had an energy crash after supper and laid down on the couch for about 30.
It was while laying there that I decided I was going to clean up my kitchen and then mow the lawn and get that out of the way before projected rainstorms for today.

While I was mowing, I was watching the girls riding their bikes up and down the driveway.  The boys were in and out, goofing around.  It was really breezy out.  The sky was littered with clouds, occasional blue peeking in and mixing with yellows and reds as dusk came on.  I watched the way that feathery light kissed the mountains on the east side of the valley.

On one particular pass with the mower, I found myself thinking about how lucky I am, how lucky I feel inside.
Filled me right up, to the very tip top, with gratitude.

But it got better.

I came in and showered, changed the Little Miss and got her ready for bed, and nursed her to sleep.

It was after 10:00 when I told the older kids to grab their pillows and blankets.

We went outside, spread big blankets on the deck, and lay down under blankets and on pillows.  I scooped them up chocolate and vanilla ice cream and stuck an Oreo in the top.  They ate ice cream while I read, with light coming out from the kitchen windows.  It was super windy, and the huge trees in the backyard were delightful to listen to, the loud rustling a continuous backdrop.  Gorgeous, really.

After reading, we burrowed under the blankets, pushed our heads together, and proceeded to take family selfie after family selfie, completely cracking ourselves up.  I started to sing them silly camp songs and more laughter ensued.  After that, we just laid there in the dark for a few minutes, talking and looking at the sky, trying to find stars behind that blanket of clouds.
It was perfect.
And I felt like pinching myself.  Even now, I still do.
Some days are like that, but in such a good way.

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