Thursday, July 23, 2015

Just Two Things

Just two things today.
Last night, the kids had a late night with a friend down the street.  At one point, referring to me, he called me "Mom," and then realized what he'd done and started to laugh.
I responded by saying that I didn't mind, that I was one of the moms of the neighborhood, just like his mom was a "mom" to my kids, too.

It actually kind of made my night.

I was just finishing getting ready for the day...finally, and saw a bunch of emails had come through on my phone.

They were from another friend of mine that lives in my neighborhood.
Their family took my kids fishing this week for their first time, and the emails were full of photographs from the other night --- the kids being instructed on what to do, chilling on the side of the reservoir with poles in hand, other shots with fishes dangling from lines, gorgeous sunset pics over the water.
I sit here looking at these photos and my heart feels like it might pop from gratitude.
I'm grateful for friendships and community, for living in a neighborhood with people I love, folks that bless my life with kindness and care.  For people that love and invest in my children, and me.

It always surprises and humbles me, filling me with joy.

People are good.
Life is good.
Blessings are all around.

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