Sunday, August 02, 2015

Letting Go

It's all about timing.  
There are things I want and can't have right now.
There are things I need and can't see how this or that will be taken care of yet.
There are hopes in my heart that I can't hear the song for yet.

Sometimes, when I am thinking about those things (and it has been a few several days for me on that boat lately) (Did you like my few/several combo? Cuz I did, and DO), I start to feel frustrated.

Maybe frustrated isn't even the right word.

Those might be better words for the emotions that come. 

And I know it's about timing.  It always comes down to that.  It's funny (maddening) that you can know that, and really know that, but still have a hard time letting go.

Letting go of expectations, of whatever story I want to write.
Letting go of any control I think I have, cuz that's the real irony...I don't have it anyway!
And instead...
Letting things happen as they will.  
Trusting that things work out, because, somehow, they always do.
Allowing certain pieces to come to fruition in their time.

Today and tonight I'm trying to move myself to the latter position and rest there.

Haven't arrived yet --- but.
 I'm trying to get up, face my body in that direction, and take one step at a time.

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