Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Rainy Day Is A Cookie Day

This morning when I came upstairs about 7:30, trying to get my weary body to wake up, 
I felt cozy because of the weather.

It was breezy out and the sky was overcast---full of deep, dark, puffy clouds that made the morning darker than normal.

It stormed off and on all day.

At one point, I went out to run (weather like that often makes me want to put my shoes on and get out in it).  
I slipped out the door.  Those dark clouds were low on the mountains; a storm was setting in.  I began to run, loving the breeze.  Within a block, raindrops started.  At first, it was light, but by the end of my run?  I was in a downpour.  I was running hard, soaking wet, listening to a Weepies mix on YouTube.  
I felt invigorated, alive, strong.

When I came in the front door, my littlest gal was waiting for me.  

I turned on the kitchen lights and while the storm continued outside, 
we made something warm and sweet inside.

My favorite line of the afternoon came from her after I had dumped sugar into the mixing bowl and then put the rest of it away.  When I turned back around, she was dipping her finger into it. She kind of cocked her head and, looking at me slyly, said, 
"Sugar: it's kinda nummy."

Made me laugh out loud.
(This girl, I tell you.)

But, yeah.  I agree.
Especially if there's chocolate involved.

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