Thursday, September 03, 2015


You know what I've noticed outside the last few evenings?
 A breeze.

It tells me fall is on the way.
I always feel like there's some kind of marking that the seasons are changing---whether it's a big late-summer thunderstorm or the way the air starts to feel different.
That's what I'm feeling at night.
And just yesterday I spied the first leaves turning on the mountains above my home.
And I could elaborate extensively on all the reasons I love fall, but I want to talk about peaches and orchard stands.

Cuz really, I wait all year for this time.

And as soon as I knew there was fresh fruit, I went and grabbed a box.
And really, mostly, just for this.
Fresh. Peach. Pie.
I had literally been thinking about it for months.
And it's pretty much gonna be on the reg for the next while until the peaches are gone.

There's actually one in the oven right now, for a gathering with friends tomorrow night.

And then there's already been some of this going down, too.
And, several batches of peach jam.  If you've never tried that, you're missing out.

Last week while the boys were off at karate one afternoon and my gal was playing with a friend, it was just me and my babe in the kitchen.
She was up to the table and I was busy preparing fruit trying to get a batch of jam finished before I had to leave to pick up the boys.
At one point I turned around and found her like this.
(And I'm just now sitting here trying to figure out what was all over her face.)
Let me just say that, if you have a toddler, 5 p.m. falling-asleep-naps are not your friend.
Cuz if they pull it off successfully, it means you won't get them to go to sleep for real 'til late that night.
So, what'd I do?

Woke her up, bribed her with ice cream and chocolate sauce, and put her in front of a Mary Poppins clip on the iPad so she'd stay awake.
Ice cream and chocolate at 5:15, and before dinner?
Why, you ask?

Because I'm pretty much cool like that.
(Okay, maybe it was just cuz I was a desperate woman on a mission.)

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