Monday, November 30, 2015


Thanksgiving week has come and gone, and here we are on the final evening of November.
I've found myself feeling reflective and super grateful.
 For good friends.
For nourishing words.
For long hugs.

 For simple things like a smattering of delicious food to eat and clean, running water, electricity.
Simple things that are actually huge, huge things.
Not simple at all.
I take them for granted every day.

For family.
 For favorite tunes.
For night driving.
For laughter.

 Warm snuggles in the night
Confidence in God
 Neighborly kindness that never seems to stop
Conversations with people I love
Singing with a bunch of people that love to sing and being moved to tears by the power I felt in that room
At the beginning of November, we wrote things on this tree and put it on the fridge.
Things we were thankful for.
Some of my favorites?
Star Wars
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Pebble ice
Jack o' lanterns
The world and the planets
Valentines Day

From big blessings to small, I'm feeling really thankful.
Just thankful.

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