Thursday, January 07, 2016

Old Journal Entry

I stumbled upon this little gem from my journal tonight, an excerpt from the 29th of October, 2012 --- and it made me happy.

"A couple weeks back, I was awakened at like 3:54 AM to, 'Mom?' from Isaiah.  He was totally calm, standing by my side of the bed.  I said, 'Yeah?'  
He said, 
'What is Japanese?'
I was so amused by his question and curious, too.
I told him that it's someone who lives in Japan.  I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and I went to tuck him in bed on the way and he said, walking to his bed, 
'That little word just came into my head.'  
I went to the bathroom and then went back in and said, 'It actually means someone who is born in Japan.  I was born in America, so I'm an American.  Someone born in Japan is Japanese.  And Japan is in Asia.  You know where that is on the map, right?' 
(We've been studying continents in school.)  
(I didn't go into the fact that people can apply for citizenship in countries where they weren't born.)  
He said, 'Yes.'  
I went back to bed, totally amused.  It was so cute for me to imagine him lying in his bed, thinking about that word, and deciding that 3:54 in the morning was just as good a time as any to come find out."

Little snippets like this remind me of the intricate personalities of each of my children and what I love about them.
The things that are SO THEM.

And, it also leaves me wishing that I wrote every single 
profound interaction I've had with them, 
because each one is a treasure.

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