Sunday, January 03, 2016

So long, December

December came in a whirlwind and was gone.  

On Friday, I took down Christmas and found myself feeling rather melancholy.

It was a beautiful month---full of excitement,

yummy food, 

cathedral going, lovely music, fires, cozy lights, lots of snow (including fresh snow on Christmas morning---totally magical)

and gingerbread house making and decorating.

The kids were so! excited for Christmas morning...more than I think I ever remember them being, especially the boys. 
All in all, it was lovely, and I was sorry to see it go.
My house always feels bleak and empty when everything comes down, tho I suppose that could be symbolic, too.  
But I guess that's what makes it the way that it is. 
Once a year.
Commemorating a sacred birth.
Traditions and lights and quiet and snow and family and love.
Lots of love. 

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