Sunday, February 26, 2017


You know...there are always going to be things you can't answer right now.
Inevitably there are problems to solve and stressors that come.
There are times that reduce you to tears --- and to your knees.
But for me, 
life has been a process of feeling increasing gratitude.
It's a thread that permeates through everything and brings peace regardless of circumstance.

This week, despite difficulty, I've felt grateful for:

Thoughtful neighbors, quietly serving.
Blue sky breaking through winter clouds.
Running at night in the quiet and cold.
A warm house and warm food and windows to look out of as the snow falls.
Conversations where you realize you have so much to learn.
Stopping, in the middle of the road, because of the beauty of a winter sunset sky.
A good book.
Prayer --- I honestly can't navigate my life without it.
Feeling reassurance.
A best friend in California who blesses my life with her wisdom, love, and focus.
Sacred communication.
Lingering a few extra minutes one night to hold my baby who had fallen asleep in my bed.
And a pointed reminder that I'm on my way home, and that everything here is just a stop along the way.

Life is such a gift.
And I'm grateful.

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