Friday, May 19, 2017

Special Number

Last week, Isaiah said something that left me totally amused.
Like, I was sitting in one of the chairs on the deck 
laughing out loud to myself in the aftermath.

It was the middle of the day, we were all outside talking, and Isaiah was telling me about a funny exchange I had forgotten about---something that happened at our last music night. Dave and Ryan were going to do a song together, 
and we'd come back round to them in the circle.

Dave stood up and headed through the kitchen, and I said, 
"Wait, aren't you guys gonna do your special number?" 
(I was thinking it was their turn and they were up.)

To which Dave responded, to everyone, 
"I'm gonna go do my own special number," 
as he headed toward the bathroom.

When Isaiah told the story and said Dave's line, 
he added, kind of as a quiet side note to us:
"And Benji's over there guffawing by the fire."
(About Dave's joke, of course.)

I die.
(I love!, so much, that that's the word that came to his mind to describe Benji's laughter.)

And, one other thing about 10-year-old boys?

Try saying the word "balls," in practically any sort of context, 
without them considering it a reference and dissolving into laughter.
Just try it.
Welcome to my life.

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