Tuesday, November 15, 2005

2 small thoughts on lunch

1. Washing my hands at the sink today, I was looking at the bar of soap and thinking about how, when I use the bathroom in a public place, I disdain from using bar soap (if that's what they have). Something about the millions of hands that have touched/used that soap (which is bizarre...it's soap, for crying out loud!). I prefer to be able to just push down on a dispenser and get nice liquid soap. So, I'm wondering, do people think that when they use the bathroom at my house? (It's kind of like Georgia's post when she talked about the handles on the grocery store carts and not being able to think about what germs exist on them. I have the same phobia.)

2. Pulling in the driveway, I noticed that my flowerbox of geraniums had fallen to the soil yesterday from the wind. Funny thought: Even though we've had an official frost now a few times, and I know the geraniums are pretty much on their way out, I still felt like I needed to resurrect the dignity of the little fellow. I had to put the flowerbox back, upright, ready to greet the world.

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