Wednesday, January 18, 2006

He's my Prince Charming

The other night I was lying in bed and thinking that I really should post again. While trying to think about what I could post, I remembered something I was told that absolutely cracked me up. My Japanese visiting teaching companion, Elisa, told me a few months back that I look like Sandra Bullock, and that she and her sister had both agreed that Scott was like Prince Charming. I started to laugh. How hilarious! (I still think it's hilarious, although I don't get the Sandra Bullock thing.) But, last night (and today), as I've been thinking about their assessment of my husband, I was thinking about the way that HE is that title to me. Let me count a few of the ways:

*he gives me backrubs whenever I ask
*he always washes the dinner dishes, unless seriously cramped with homework
*he never lets a day go by without telling me he loves me, he thinks I'm gorgeous, etc. etc. etc. (Every woman should hear that from her husband every day, right?)
*he likes to cook when he can
*he makes me feel like I'm the only woman he could ever possibly love like he loves me
*the quirky way that he is always 100% prepared with EVERYTHING, and I'm just about the opposite
*he lets me spread my wings and fly
*we can go snowboarding together
*we enjoy walks, hiking, talking, mountain biking, reading, and basically everything else together

I'm starting to think that this may be boring for anyone else to read, so please excuse the personal sentiments. But, to quote something that Kathleen Kelly says in "You've Got Mail," she says something to the effect of, "But what is it if it isn't personal? Hello!"

On a different note, Scott (and our parents) pitched in to get me a guitar for Christmas (which I have loved). I so enjoy folk songs -- especially the lyrics and all the creative music. I've enjoyed playing and I love being around a friend of mine who plays, and with my sisters. There's something so wonderful about singing together, or just sitting and watching them play and hearing their voices. So soothing and relaxing and creative. I've always wanted to write a song, and last week, after an aggravating argument with Scott, we did our own activities for a few hours (which was the right thing to do), and I wrote a song! (It may not be a good song, but I was excited because that's never happened for me before and I've wanted to have it happen so many times.) And no, it wasn't an angry song. It's kind of more or less about accepting each other as human beings with flaws and, hypothetically, instead of getting angry and saying stuff you always regret later, being grateful for the gift and power of love and for people who love you despite your flaws.

It's true, though, what Rachel was saying in response to my last post. Sometimes you have to have the other end of the spectrum to truly appreciate and love the things that are so special and lovely (ie. the things I love listed above). Having a little opposition seems to stir things up. But, when the sand settles, I really think sometimes that Prince Charming and I are riding into the sunset after all, and I find myself thanking God for the ride.

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