Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Late Night Realization

After a lovely film, two throwing up sessions from one of our babes, cleaning the bathroom, a run to the store, and a late pumping session, I was finally retiring to bed last night. Here's what happened.

The 411.


Our room was dark. I usually kneel down for my night prayers outside the room, but I was anxious to get into bed and just opted to pray right there. As I knelt down, I bumped Scott's arm or something -- but didn't think anything of it. He didn't really react.

Finishing my prayer, I was kind of startled to have his hand grab my forearm. In the dark. Naturally, I reached out and touched him, only to have him freak out, obviously terrified. I climbed into bed and quickly whispered, "Honey, it's me," to which he didn't respond. I snuggled up to him from behind and found his hand up by his shoulder. When he felt my face there, he started to stroke my face. I asked him,

"Did you think that somebody was leaning over me?"

He muttered something about the affirmative, but that was about it.

So then...I lay there, enjoying the snuggles, but kind of freaked out about who he had thought I was.


But then, happily, I had this awesome realization:

"My man was goin' to save me!"
I lay in bed feeling all happy and comfy -- those protective instincts were for me and he was freaked out at the prospect of anything happening to me.
So, essentially, the last thought of my night was this:
It's nice to be loved.

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