Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On the Lake

I had a really great weekend.

I went to Bear Lake. With all. of. my. sisters.

Plus kids, significant others (those able to make it), along with Grandma (my mother's mother) and my Mother. We also got a Sunday visit from my father and grandparents (his parents).

Before leaving today, I got a picture of me and all my sisters. Then I climbed in the car and as we were heading down the canyon, I started talking to my dear Mr. C. about how interesting it is to be where I'm at.

As a kid, it seemed like marriage and children and all of those things were SO FAR ahead of me. I would always be young. I would always be loved, cared for, carefree, and my life would be PERFECT.

Well, in some ways, those dreams have actually come true.

I'm loved, cared for, and thanks to being a mother, carefree much of the time as my days pretty much consist of spending time with my babes and savoring the moments and noticing the small things.

But, time and I had a reckoning moment this morning as I realized that ALL of us in that photo this morning are now adults. Where 15 years seemed like an eternity to me when I was growing up, it doesn't seem like that anymore. Time is flying. And I just realized that, before I know it, and as my sisters and I populate this universe with our own wee ones, WE are going to be the adults in middle age. We will be talking about "back when." We will have children that will be the teenagers.

We are running the cycle.

(As if on that theme for the rest of the way home, I found myself listening to "I Loved Her First" and "There Goes My Life" and "What a Beautiful Day" -- all of these progressive, forward-moving family songs. And, incidentally, all country.)

Here are some pictures from our trip (including some shots of a terrific storm that came through on Sunday night).

It was oh so fun.

Thanks, Mom, for such a fun vacation.


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