Monday, August 31, 2009


I have been gone for a while.

The summer is quickly slipping away and I am lost in the swirl of it.

We've been vacationing, Scott started a new job, and we are buying a house (different from the one I mentioned in a previous post -- and one I love a whole lot more).

I have been up to my eyeballs in new house prep and planning. I have curtains to buy, furniture to recover for my front room, and busy designing my fall mantel and finding a wreath I want to make for my front door. Picking out paint colors for the house, picking out carpet and tile. Thinking about pillow-topped window benches with lovely color-splashed throw pillows for the bay windows in my kitchen. Itching to get to work in the plot of land at the back of our deep yard that is going to be a nice big garden. Ready to refinish, stain and seal the deck so we are good for the coming moisture of winter. Excited to fence in the last part of the yard so that our little ones can run freely outside, enclosed and happy -- all with us having peace of mind. Ready to string party lights around the back deck so we are all aglow in the evenings.

Now you know where my mind has been and why I have not been here.

This morning was throw up (Isaiah), watching Cinderella and a pinch of 101 Dalmatians, canning tomatoes, "Ritzes" as the boys call them, and Graham crackers and popcorn. Reading Library Lion, Curious George Rides a Bike, and Seven Silly Monkeys. And then we took a very leisurely walk around the neighborhood. When we went out in the stroller I called Scott to tell him that we were out for a walk and that I had Mia in her cute little ruffle hat that snaps under her chin, and that I was wearing my frilly hat as well. And he said to me, "Sounds like two cute girls."

And I thought that was just cute
and I love our hats.

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