Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Working on Applesauce

Today I was sitting out in the sunshine on the grass in the backyard while all the kids were napping, loving the feel of it between my toes. I had a cardboard box with apples and a plastic bag for all the skins. As I was peeling away, I got a text from Scott:

"How are you doing?"

I kept going at the apples. After peeling, quartering and coring a nice tall pot full of apples to cook down for applesauce, I texted him back:

"I have been doing apples like a madwoman."

And then I started to think about what that word almost looks like in your mind -- the energy, the craziness, the got-to-get-this-done busyness amid the love. And I was reminded of this story in February 2008's issue of Martha Stewart Living. I only wished I could have been stripped down and sweating too, like her grandma making the pierogi. Seriously, when I read this for the first time, I immediately shared it outloud with my dad who was close by, and had tears through my laughter. Sweet, I tell you. Sweet. I hope you can read it and crack up too.

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