Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Sis Chris and Twitter Texting

I was thinking today that I kinda sorta twitter text with my little sister a lot.

Ask me if I've ever even investigated twitter or really know anything about it. (No.)

But this is kind of like twitter, right? Check this out.

Today I get a text from her at 12:40 saying, "How's it goin eh?"

And I said, "Trying to convince myself to get out the door and run. Was Grayson up early again? The boys were and I was aggravated."

She said, "Yeah he was. He woke up right after I came home. But Garrett was here until 8 and then Andrea took him from 8 to 11 so I'm surviving. I'm not working out..."

(She works night shifts as an RN.)

I said, "Good for you. I wouldn't either."

And then, just 13 minutes later I said, "Okay I am making myself go. Up the Hoofer."

And this was one of my favorites this week. On Monday she was twitter texting me about getting comcast at her house.

And I texted her back about it and asked her if everything was hooked up and the default word that came up first when I said hooked was honked. And so I texted her this:
"Is the cable hooked up now too? Oh I am crackin myself up. I typed in hooked and it came up as honked first. Oh dear me, honked up cable." (It sounded so funny to me, and I hope it has no crass meaning 'cause I wasn't thinkin' that.)
She came back with, "Lol, oh dear... Yes it is hooked up and I'm so tempted to watch Ellen today but I'm trying to tell myself no...Since bachelor is on tonight."

Then I was talking to her about whether or not she was going to make some good food to celebrate the return of cable to their household and The Bachelor (she loves that show). And she said she probably would, but then that would mean she would have to cook.

See what I mean? We just go back and forth like this.

Like that same day when I got a text that said, "130 bucks later...," and I knew that she had spent $130 at Walmart buying stuff for emergency preparedness kits.

I twitter texted with my sister Susan last week about the whole dog situation (whom we were referring to as "the unmentionable"), and she thought the whole situation was hilarious. She reportedly said to Christa, "What was she thinking?!" (while laughing)

I love twitter texting. I do, I do.

Chris and I ended our exchange today by me telling her I was craving this divine recipe for peanut butter bars that we have (seriously the best peanut butter yummy I have EVER had). And I was (insert: am) craving them fiercely. She said she would be happy to help me eat them if I made them and I told her it was not very comforting that we could, doublehandedly, finish off an entire pan by ourselves, and it would be easy.
And she said she could eat the whole pan by herself. And, you know, I could too. That's really sick. That's really, really sick I know. But it is oh so true. They are that good.

I want my awesome sister Becca to be a texter 'cause I'd twitter text her too.

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