Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love for the Weekend

We went out on Friday night and I felt like a girl on a date again -- just enjoying each other.
We were waiting to be seated at the restaurant and Scott leaned in and gave me a kiss.

We were walking to our table and he was holding my hand and I felt his other hand on my back.

We sat and talked and talked and then ate burgers.

After coming home from the grocery store late last evening, I found Scott putting together a valentine gift for me. 20 minutes later he said he wanted to give it to me then because he was excited about it. So we exchanged gifts about 11:00.

A few weeks ago, while eating my favorite seasonal candy, I told him that I wanted to just get like 5 lbs. of it because it is only available at this time of year. And I wanted to be able to stash some away and pull it out once in a while (if that would actually happen).

So when I opened the bag, I could see these little hearts at the bottom and I said something like, "Oh, I can see hearts," and I was excited -- and I thought it was just one bag and I was thrilled.

I pulled out a cd he'd gotten me -- a cd of the best of Nanci Griffith (I love her). Scott knows how much I love folk music (I really, really do), and she's kind of a folk/country mix.

After pulling out the cd, I realized that there were 5! one-pound bags of these candies.

And I started to laugh.

He really got me five pounds of it!

I opened up that cd and sat down by the cd player and started listening and I love the tunes, and I ate hearts.

Then I finished working on my sunday lesson for the girls I teach today.

And then I climbed in bed, and looked over at this guy I love with a mustache and goatee who was fast asleep, kissed him on the forehead, and rolled over. He snuggled up and spooned me from behind.

And I went to sleep.

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