Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snapshot of a Life Season

I bought this girl some so cute SIZE 4! shoes the other day.

And it made me kind of sad.

Made me feel a bit droopy inside because I can't really recall where the whole past year has gone.

I have far fewer pictures of her than I do of her brothers at this age.

But I have way more one-on-one time with her (probably simply by the fact that she came as a single baby and not as a twin).
She makes me laugh.
She makes me want to hold her closer and closer.
I want to watch her grow up and watch what she'll do and where she'll go.

But when I'm with her lately, I never want her to grow up.
If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you'll know that I often talk about the passing of time and savoring the moments. But the truth is --- in-the-thick-of-the-demands-of-motherhood and the sometimes long and at times frustrating days (thank goodness that's not all the time!), I need to remember that these days won't last forever -- and lately I have had some glorious remembering moments.

They walked into my room yesterday, holding hands. They were, apparently, off to Pres. Monson's house because he wanted to show them his organ. It was so cute. And random.
And this girl. The other morning I gave her chocolate cake before breakfast. Initially I told the boys no, they had to wait. And then I thought, "Why not?" That is certainly something I could say yes to instead of saying no and it doesn't really matter. So all three of them were at the breakfast table having chocolate cake. I consider that a moment where I actually did motherhood right.
I love Marjorie Hinckley's thought that she tried never to say no if she could possibly say yes. Isn't that great advice?
Life is definitely to be enjoyed...not just lived.
In the shower the other day I was thinking about this picture (because I love it) and how cute she is and I was thinkin, "This girl could totally model for babyGap. Because she's that cute." She could.
But she's so much cuter than that.
I know, I know...I'm her mother and just slightly in love with her.
I look at these photographs of our kids and realize that they are now experiencing their childhood -- that magical time in your life that you can never quite return to. You imagine and invent and love to sing and dance and play and aren't inhibited by life or people. Magic happens. Life happens. This is where it's all happening for them.

I hope, someday, to tell them just how cute they were.

Because they are adorable.

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