Monday, February 01, 2010

Mantle Love & Love Songs & Such

I added a little love to my mantle on this, the first day of February.

And I'm still pretty undecided if I like it or not.

Part of me thinks it's rather ugly -- but part of me, frankly, had this battle of indecision with the mantle as it was before the valentine love got added. Except for the birds and the penguins 'cause, ya know, I love them.

Today the sun was actually shining outside and it made me feel radiant inside, and I was consciously aware of how much it rejuvenated me. I really wanted to take a nap, but on such a day, decided I couldn't afford to waste such gorgeousness. And so I went running and wanted to just keep bathing in the sunlight. That combined with my very slow morning walk with my toddlers and cute baby girl and cute nephew out in the morning air just made the whole day better.


The basement drain in the laundry room decided to start sharing its juices.

This has happened before, but not to this extent. I happened (blessing!) to walk into the bathroom at the moment of some ferocious gurgling happening on the floor, setting my foot down into the shmuck. And I screamed. I really did. I was in my normal routine of things and opened the door of the laundry to go stick some dirty socks in there for the next load and didn't bother looking down until the wetness necessitated it.

So basically someone has to come out and snake the drain. Or whatever it is they do. And I am just cringing and praying and hoping and saying my hail marys that this isn't going to be too terribly expensive. It's like I was emailing my sister -- I know she's all too familiar with this, but I am just getting my lovely first doses in that great world of home ownership. Some things you have to do even if you can't afford them. (I can't stress about what is going to come out of the drain every time we flush the toilet.) (The joys of being flat-out, 100%, bone dry broke.)

But even despite the drain woes, my husband came home tonight and we ate a yummy dinner. We talked together. We cracked up over our cute children. We had a spiritual discussion that left me surprised at all their young minds retain. And then Scott asked Isaiah to say the family prayer at the end of our discussion. And after opening his prayer, the whole of it was something like this:

"...and thank you that we have mint chocolate chip ice cream."

And he closed the prayer.

And we went upstairs, dished up ice cream for all of us and ate -- and Scott was sitting down on the little stool by their table, eating with them. I was eating out of the carton itself (a horrible habit because I always eat more than a single portion, I know) and feeding Mia bites from her bowl.

And then we put them to bed.

I sang Wonderful Tonight and Something In the Way She Moves to Mia as I rocked her in the dark.

And thought about how fitting it was, being that it is the first day of what I shall refer to as Love Month -- even though, in the end, sometimes Valentines can end up feeling like someone's idea of just putting something in February and bringing up commercial sales.

You know what I mean.

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