Saturday, January 30, 2010


This morning I had a banana milkshake. Frozen bananas blended with whole milk = Deliciousness. And I had some toast with butter and peanut butter on it = 'nother deliciousness. And then I thought I was good.

But then we were snacking on apples and yogurt.

And then I opened a couple of snack-size M&Ms and Mia and I and 'Saiah and Benj and Scott shared them on Scott and I's bed.

I filled up my big nalgene with water and started to fold laundry once the kids were down for naps. Started to browse the computer, and after a while...felt hungry again.

Went upstairs and pulled out the box of See's Nuts & Chews on top of the microwave (such a healthy food choice, right?)...and proceeded to eat like three or four of them. And then I ate some mashed potatoes and gravy from the other night that was yummy and then I ate some ice cream.


Oh well...I was going to be good today and not eat any junk. It's like my friend Kimi says in her blog description about herself...she likes to eat so much that she also likes to run, too. I can relate to that. I love running for running's sake -- and have for several years because I love to be active in general, but it is nice that it has its asthetic points too.

On another note, having lots of little hands makes for lots of work.

This morning I swept and mopped my kitchen floor, which hadn't been mopped since (oh dear) we moved in. I know. That's disgusting. I can promise that it was swept probably at least twice a day so it was clean that way, but can't say much for the mopping -- except for down on my knees with a wet rag.


I swept and mopped the kitchen floor and mopped the front room and entry floor too. Then I windexed my windows in and out in the kitchen and the big front window in the front room to clean off all those constant smudges. And then I took a rag and was wiping down the doorways and back door where you get dirt from small little fingerprints and shoe scuffs and all that stuff. Oh, and I wiped down the fridge and the front of the oven.

And I finished and thought, "Well, it will look clean...
...for a few hours."
And one other thing: I'm a sock loser. Does anyone else have this problem? My question into the void today is this: why is it that every time you do a load of laundry, and you put PAIRS of socks into the wash, there always seems to be at least one lone sock when you are doing the folding? Where do they go?

And this: Why will one of my three-year-old sons pee his pants when he's awake in the daytime, but wake up from dreamland during naps to come upstairs to go pee on the toilet?
I really don't get that one.

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