Monday, March 01, 2010

1st March Monday

On this, the first day of March, we are enjoying absolutely gorgeous weather.

We got up, ate some stuff, and then took balloons to my dad's office for his birthday today and caught him in the middle of a class which made it even more perfect. Nothing like a surprise.

Then we lazily made our way back across campus, enjoying watching cars and pointing out the belltower and generally getting distracted by all around us. (That is what happens when you have three-year-olds.)

We went to Costco and got things to replenish our smoothie supplies: bananas, avocados, spinach, frozen fruit. We got some mandarin clementines (love!) and some gogurts for the kids and a big bag of cheese. I walked away only spending $47, but I could easily have spent $1000 with all the stuff I oogled at.

We came home and I unloaded them into the backyard.

They busied themselves digging in the dirt, throwing rocks. Mia just made her way walking all around the yard and generally pleased with herself and simply happy to be out of doors.

I heart the same sentiment.

Benj peed his pants and stripped from the waist down. I didn't bother to do anything about it since he seemed to be enjoying himself. Then, the next thing I knew, Isaiah was stripped down too. So I asked him, "Did you pee your pants too?"

And he told me that he didn't, he just stripped down and peed in the dirt.

he pointed to show me where.


That's called gender advantage.

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